The Dahabiya are the characteristic river-going sailboats of Egypt: these boats have sailed the Nile for a lot of decades. They were used in Egypt during the period of the monarchy (1920-1940) when aristocrats and sophisticated travelers loved to cruise the Nile in this style. They used to rent these wonderful boats for weeks, following their way temple to temple enjoying the river breeze. The Dahabiya had from four to ten cabins, toilets and a host for servants. Travelling with these boats permitted to enjoy the Egyptian landscape with its monuments and villages, leisurely from the riverbanks, probably taking a drink. We are glad to let you re-experience these sophisticated days of the past with all comfort, we wish to offer them to the hard to please tourist. Our boat is equipped with eight deluxe cabins completely furnished with private services, air conditioning and single beds “that can be joined”. It has also four premium King suites with all the comforts. Many visitors come to Egypt expressly to fulfill their wish of sailing the Nile, but most of them must settle for fast-moving and noisy cruise boats, that do not allow to fully enjoy the landscape and the peace and quiet, characteristics of the Nile. Our Dahabiya allow you to experience the charm of the Nile in an intimate, privileged setting.


  • Restaurant, bar, reading lounge
  • massage room
  • open air jacuzzi and oriental area
  • Internet access
  • Safety storage.
  • Water filter
  • large panoramic window
  • LCD TV


Breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea, coffee, soft drinks – welcome and assistance at Luxor airport/station and transfer to the Nile cruise – All excursions to the river bank along with Nile cruise way – Karnat and Luxor temple visit – Hathipsut temple and Valley of the Kings tour – Edfu temple visit, see cruise itinerary for details – Kom Ombo temple visit, see cruise itinerary for details – Philae temple, High Dam and unfinished obelisk visit - Excursion to visit Elephantine island and Botanical Garden in Aswan – Entrance pass to all interested sight between Luxor and Aswan – Professional Egyptologist guide aboard and for all river bank excursions – bottles of water during the transfer from/to Luxor/Aswan – Internet connection.


All extras not mentioned in the itinerary – tips – alcoholic drinks – tourist visa – insurance

Program Gorgonia Nile Cruise 8 days /7 nights


1st day

– We will meet in Luxor for departure with the comfortable and luxurious designated Dahabiya. After lunch time, we will move to the west lands up to the funeral location of the Pharaohs – the area of the Leaders – where in 1922 Howard Carter discovered the grave of Tutankhamun, Queen Hatshepsut Temple and the Colossi of Memnon. In a short time, we will be on the Luxor financial area.

2nd day

Today will be a leisurely day. After breakfast, sailing to visit Esna and cross next side of the river where our Dahabiya will moor overnight.

3rd day

This morning we will sail to El Hegaz Island which takes around five hours sailing. El Hegaz is a small island located on the north of Edfu. Sailing to Edfu, we will visit the Temple of Horus, the best preserved temple.

4th day

Today we will sail to Gabal El Selsela where we could see the place where Egyptian people carried the stones necessary to build the temples. Sail to Kom Ombo, and overnight.

5th day

Today visit to the Ptolemaic temple dedicated to the crocodile god Sobek and the Falcon headed Horus, god of the morning sun. We will sail to Aswan going through Daraw and Kopania, it takes around five hours sailing. In Aswan, we will enjoy Nubian Party. Overnight in Aswan.

6th day

In the morning we will visit Aswan High Dam (completed in 1971), Old Dam (completed in 1902) and the Unfinished Obelisk lying in site since the Pharaohs days.

7th day

Early sailing back to Luxor city.

8th day

Breakfast aboard the Dahabiya, disembarkation and transfer for visiting the Templar complex of Amun-Ra at Karnak, with its vast hypostyle hall of 134 columns, after that Luxor Temple visit.


Some photos of the structure



Gorgonia nile Cuice


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